Nilambary music project is a subtle combination of Eastern and Western cultural and musical traditions.
Ancient Indian philosophy and poetry in Sanskrit and Bengali along with magnetic voice of a vocalist are represented in a variety of musical styles such as world, new age, neoclassic, jazz.

Origin: Moscow
Genre: World Devotional Music, Neo-classic

Years Active: 2018 - Present

Official Websites: www.nilambary.com

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"Eternal Prayers" Press Release

 Nilambary debut album "Eternal Prayers" to be released on February 10th 2020.
Eight deeply emotional compositions might become a soundtrack to the life of those who are seeking Truth through self realisation.
 The music of Nilambary Project is a subtle but at the same time dramatic combination of cultural and musical traditions of East and West. Classical art and music education, love for different styles of music and long-term experience of practicing mantra meditation and Bhakti-yoga united the founders of the project - Sundara and Nilambary. All that influenced their artwork and they aspire to share it with the world.

 The album "Eternal Prayers" has been recorded for two yers in the best record studios of Moscow with the best professional classical and rock musicians. It's in all senses alive.

 Eternal Prayers is music for those who appreciate aesthetics, beauty, style and spiritual depth. Ancient poetic and philosophical pieces of India in Sanskrit and Bengali along with magnetic voice of the vocalist are presented in different music styles from neoclassic, world, new age to jazz.

 In the nearest plans of Nilambary Project - to release video version of the album.